Monday, September 25, 2006

Baby Love

<3 my new niece :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Strange Dream

i got a call from someone at 3:30 in the morning and left to go and meet him. i stayed on the phone with him as i drove and stopped in at a fast food restaurant. when i walked in, i saw that there were men with guns, and i started to back out. i quickly explained what i saw to the guy on the phone and told him to call 911 before the men took me by the arm and led me to their car. there was a kind, nice looking cop there trying to help. he had wavy brown hair and a nice face. he wasn't able to help.
i was taken with several other people to a very large but very old, three story house. there were other people being held there. the owners of the house were an older couple in their sixties. they were very odd. they directed everything that went on in the house. we basically functioned as a family while in the house, but we weren't allowed to leave. the men with guns were always watching. some people in the house had been there longer than others. we became a tight-knit group, always discussing possible plans for escape.
one clear, crisp night, it seemed like the perfect night to escape. the odd, older couple seemed to be in particularly good spirits, and as a result, the armed men were a little lax. i sought out my roommate in he house and told her i thought it was the perfect time to escape.
so, the two of us managed to escape the house, acquire a car, and get into town. as soon as we got into town, we saw some of the armed men. the kind cop was also there, only there were two of him. one was trying to help, one was not. the one who was trying to help was captured by the men, and we were all taken back to the house.
when we got tot the house, we were all taken to the basement. the other house members were already down there. everyone was left alone to discuss possible reasons why we were all taken to the basement, when i caught a glimpse of the last thing i expected to see...myself!
then, we found out that there were two of each of us. it slowly became clear to us that we were there so that they could get to know us and gather information about us so that our clones could take our places in society. then, we came to the morbid realization that we were not only no longer needed, but it was necessary to do away with us in order for their plan to work. one by one, we were going to be killed.

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