Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pauline Croze

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bonnaroo 2007

I guess the question on a lot of people's mind is, "Why would you wanna go to an event like Bonnaroo by yourself?" I didn't really want to go by myself, but most of my friends had already gone or weren't interested in going. I had several reasons for wanting to go. The main reason was that Martha Wainwright was going to be there, and obviously, I'm a big fan of her music. I connect with the raw and honest feeling she injects into her songs and really wanted to go and see her live. My ticket came from her management thanks to Brad, her bass player/producer. Her performance was fan-fucking-tastic and she was very friendly and pleasant. I also got to see Franz Ferdinand who are definitely on my list of favorites. They made the trip worthwhile.

I also wanted to see this event that so many people valued and loved, to make a connection with something that made so many people happy. I realize I wasn't getting the full experience of Bonnaroo. The full experience would've been to have gone five years ago with a lot of friends and drink a lot of alcohol. I guess I settled for seeing Martha and watching people have fun.

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