Saturday, July 15, 2006

Turning Into a Marshmallow

I'm turning into a marshmallow, not because of cookies (though that's true too) but from my iPod playlists. I like to think I'm hardcore. I can remember a time when there was nothing but Iggy Pop, Franz Ferdinand, and The White Stripes coming from my cd player, but since I got my iPod I've totally turned soft.


Everywhere I look on-line, bloggers are obsessed with their iPod playlists. I think it's because we think our playlists somehow define us. After looking at my top 10 played songs, I hope that's not true, otherwise I am one big ball of fluffy cheese. So, here it is, my unaltered top 10 played songs from my 25 most played playlist. (This is a list generated by the iPod.)

Jack Johnson- With My Own Two Hands
Martha Wainwright- Question of Etiquette
Puddle of Mudd- She Hate Me (one hardcore song)
Natalie Merchant- Will the Circle be Unbroken
James Blunt- You're Beautiful
Taco- Putting on the Ritz
Damien Rice- The Blower's Daughter
Joan Armatrading- The Weakness in Me
Jewel- Angel Standing By
Antony and the Johnsons- For Today I am a Boy

On another note...

My car totally died and I'm totally stranded. Dad offered to bring me his spare truck to drive while it gets worked on. Let me show you dad's spare truck that he bought with his quarters.

I am going to go see Pirates 2 tonight. Someone's picking my ass up, of course. I'll get to meet a couple of new people who happen to live in my apartment complex. Maybe they'll be going to the grocery store tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Luckiest

I am an oddball in my family. Nonetheless, I still kind of like 'em. The big people I like most of the time; the little people I like always. I feel pretty lucky.

Here's a montage of mostly the 4th. Some have asked for more BeiLei pictures, you go :). I finally got a good dose of BeiLei, and, as you can see, a pretty healthy dose of fuzz therapy too. Kittens are fab.

Wanna Travel the World...

but don't have the time? Try traveling vicariously through the Morans. Brendan and Sarah (Lane) Moran are on a year long honeymoon around the world, and their podcasts are great. These kids have worked wonders with the Mac to bring us Greece and Turkey and are now in Istanbul. Of course, they did just leave their jobs at G4 (tech) tv, so they're no strangers to the technical. Really, check out their podcasts. They're very high quality and fun to watch. (Watch, don't listen. You don't have to subscribe to the podcast to watch.) Both Brendan and Sarah are blogging their adventures in he said/she said style. I tend to read Sarah's blog more. I have no real reason for this other than blatant favoritism. The site is well done, and the blogs are great. They've linked oodles of fabulous photos of their trip. Seriously, come on, let's go with them. They would totally want us along. Who wouldn't?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kitten Montage

This is a kitten montage to my rendition of the song You Suck by the Murmurs. Hope you like it.

I may need a kitten in a sandwich t-shirt to wear for live performances.