Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Love You.


I do. And I have no pretense, or motive, or agenda [except when it means a list of things to do, because that's good...unless the things are no fun, because that's bad]. I really do like life as much as I say I do, and if I tell you I think you're awesome, I really do. If I dote on your music, it's because I LOVE it. If I tell you "you're swell," it's because I totally dig hanging out with you, and I want you to know it. I wanna always mean what I say and say what some mean to say and never do. I've come a long way with that. In fact, it's harder for me to express to you the longer I've known you, because I haven't always done it well. I've even noticed with the two fifth grade classes I've taught since I moved here in how much more I told my class I loved them this year than last. I know they're leaving this school year sure they were loved. I'm glad.

So...Life IS awesome. I DO love you. I'm NOT full of shit. The world IS full of endlessly amazing possibilities. Be warm. Be happy. Be grateful. And be excited.

I love you.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Google Gone Awesome

I just noticed the new iGoogle and I'm obsessed. I love that you can personalize your Google page, especially since I've been know to accidentally google Google. I'm digging my chosen iGoogle theme that changes colors as the time changes, but it messes me up when it refreshes while I'm playing [LineUp] on my Google page. This game is ridiculously addictive, although it's not half as addictive as [Drifts]. That game is downright narcotic. In case you haven't noticed, iGoogle lets you personalize your Google page with fun and/or helpful gadgets. Check out the screenshots from my page:

It'd also be great to work for Google. Here's a pretty interesting 45 minute video about the creative folks at Google.