Thursday, July 03, 2008


I just wanted to post some of the videos I've taken around my town: Knoxville. You can also watch them on my profile at DailyMotion. Also, did you know there was a knoxtube? It doesn't seem like there are a lot of contributors yet, but I made a profile there, too.

This video is my favorite video. I call it The Happy Dancer. The other night, I met the girl who got up there to dance with him and told her about the video, but I don't really know how to find her on MySpace or remember her, if you know her or the happy dancer send them a link. [Oh, and I also can't tell you who this is singing, so if anyone knows...enlighten me.]

This video is equally awesome. I'm pretty sure I'm going to accrue a collection of drunk guys dancing. This was at Machelle Malone at Patrick Sullivan's. Michelle rocks btw, and you should totally check her out. I'm astonished that Knoxville doesn't support her like it should.

And then there's this guy, who I don't think is drunk...just crazy. He was also "breakdancing" at pride, so I think he pretty much lives on the square. Here he's doing a dramatic interpretation of one of Hudson K's songs. You should also check out Hudson K...They're local, awesome, and on my friends list.

This is a video of the end of an Einstein Simplified show. They're Knoxville's best [and only] improv troup, and their shows are every Tuesday night upstairs at Patrick Sullivan's. If you'd like to go sometime, give me a holla. We don't go regularly, but I'm very willing to escort you to your first improv experience.

Here's another Einstein Simplified, but this time with a guest appearance from our friend Jo Dunkle, who moved to Chicago to study with Second City. We're kinda proud of her and kinda think she's awesome.

My friend Hallie took these two videos of Blue Mother Tupelo at Barley's. Blue Mother Tupelo rocks my world, and if you know me at all you've heard me gush over them for at least a year and a half. Not only do they rock out a joint, they are sweet as hell and spreaders of sunshine. They're very real and very talented.

With Ricky's dad:

Here's Michelle Malone and two of Garrison Starr...both at Patrick Sullivan's and both awesome, awesome, awesome!

Here's Marc Broussard at Sundown on Market Square:

And last but far from least...Here's my friend Samuel playing fiddle with his new band Smokin' Grass. I'm SO proud of him!


At 10:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't been around forever - awful lot of awful things going on. Thanks for sharing - hope you have a terrific day.


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