Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Share Your Music With Me

So...two peeps of interest launched new cds yesterday: Martha and Alanis. Obviously, I'm way out of the loop, because I had no idea that Alanis was releasing a new cd, but I'm way happy that it's the result of a breakup because I really missed the scorned but vulnerable, transparent, and soulful Morrisette of old.

Anyway, because of Martha's release and the bulletin her MySpace manager posted, I learned about I was using, but this place is even better because it lets you play full songs continuously, artists seem to be more interactive, it tells you the release dates of new cds and whether or not they're on tour, and like other places, gives you great recommendations.

I invite you to join and share what you're listening to with me. My profile is @ I just started yesterday, so there isn't a lot of info about what I've been listening to, but you should join because it's super cool. I have no friends yet and I'd like some that I really know. I want to stalk your music taste, so add me bitches.

Oh, and also, I love you.


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