Thursday, June 29, 2006

Malvina Reynolds, Leave Me Be

I can't get Malvina Reynolds out of my head. This is an unprompted and somewhat unwelcomed temporary obsession. She's taking over my brain. I've been quoting her everywhere I go and it's gotta be annoying.

Rest in peace, dammit, and leave me be. I love you by the way.

And no, I will not explain. I need sleep.

Please send pillows.

She inches along on the rim of the world,
Always about to go over,
How she can manage I never will know,
To get from one day to the other.
Scrounging a buck or a bed
Or the share of a roof for her head,
This nobody's child, this precarious girl,
Who lives on the rim of the world.

She looks like a princess in somebody's rags,
She dreams of a world without danger,
Climbing a stair to a room of her own
With someone who isn't a stranger,
But now she eats what she can,
And accepts what there is for a man,
This nobody's child, this precarious girl,
Who lives on the rim of the world.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Upcoming Talent

We no longer need American Idol. As the amazing potential of the internet continues to grow, talented artists and musicians are continuing to tap into the resources it provides for disseminating their talent to people who will appreciate it. If you truly have talent (which I do not, *sigh*), you can make it happen for yourself thanks to sites like MySpace and YouTube. I, for one, am thankful. I'm very glad, for instance, that I was able to have a virtual run-in with Terra Naomi. I'm already a fan. Check out her YouTube profile here and her MySpace profile here. I send her many kudos and wish her much luck.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Why I've Not Been Blogging Lately

I'm a doctoral student, remember? I'm doing enough writing. This is an official break. The table in front of me is strung out with papers, notebooks, my calendar, a stapler, those little metal clips, post-it notes, envelopes of various sizes, a voice recorder, the "extra" laptop (the apple that I'm trying to befriend), a copy of Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design (probably a less thrilling read than Chelsea Handler's slutbag book that I'm waiting to have arrive in the mail), and both a coffee and a diet pepsi.

On a positive note, people are letting me interview them for my research. They even seem to be a little excited about it. I've only had one significant fopah. I won't mention what happened in case its a major threat to validity and someone knows enough to call me on it.

I did have a happy moment today. I found my old cassette to cd car adapter and found that it works for my ipod. Now I don't need to buy a cd player for my car and I can ask for something else for a graduation present. I think I'll ask for help improving my "veranda".

Also, I miss monkey.

Please send bananas...or, for my "veranda".

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Winston Cigarette Commercial (1961)

Wow. Ethical marketing?

Monday, June 12, 2006


This guy has gots some Mad Skillz. He's the shit. He's 16 years old and after four weeks on YouTube he's signed a deal with a production company. See his full YouTube profile here.

He creeps me out, but in a good way. Is that normal?

Watch for him. He's moving up in the world, probably by levitation.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Most Recently Awesome

Here's the shit that's keeping me amused right now.

Favorite iPod podcast:

Of course, I'm enjoying my Chelsea Handler podcast, but another podcast that I heart is Tim and Eric. If you don't have an iPod, no worries. You can still check out their podcast Here.

Best recent movie: V for Vendetta. I say, "V for Awesome." I was entertained from beginning to end. I know it isn't a recent movie, but we caught it at the cheap theatre.

Most recent downloads:

1) a bunch of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion. What better to have in the pod than some classic Keillor stories and the news from Lake Wobegon.

2) Martha Wainwright. Rufus still has my heart, but Martha knows how to put it out there.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Chelsea Handler

I do not sit and watch videos of her online any time I get a chance.

I did not used to watch Girls Behaving Badly and think she should have her own show because she was way funnier than everyone else.

I have never spit milk out my nose because she's so funny.

I do not think she makes being a slutbag seem especially cool.

I do not stalk her MySpace page.

I do not wish she would move to my hometown and be my best friend.

Okay, okay...Yes I have, yes I did, and yes I do.

By the way...She does not have a filthy whore mouth.

Yes she does.

Buy her slutbag book.

Dear Fabulous Principal,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to be coming back to "Fabulous School" next year. You like to use the phrase "It's an honor," and I must say, it's an honor to be here and to work with a principal who cares about the children, the faculty, and the school. Before I went back to school, I was discouraged with school administration. I felt like administrators only wanted to meet requirements. I feel like everyone here strives to go beyond what's required and be "excellent." I appreciate that so much. I am truly, truly proud to be a part of this staff, and I'm excited about what next year holds.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My laptop had better not get any ideas from this article while I'm writing my dissertation. We don't need anymore heroes. Click Here.

Much Thanks to Superlong

Long live Spam.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Someone asked what our most embarrassing moments at work were. I don't know about most embarrassing, but not long ago, I walked into my Math class having just gone to the bathroom. I mentioned before that my Math class is much more "cheeky" and talkative than my homeroom. I walked to the front of the room as normal, and one of the girls said, "Miss 'GrandPoo', you're so funny," to which I replied, "What do you mean?" She said, "You're so funny." I said, "I didn't do anything." She said, "Oh yes you did." Another student said, "Turn around." I asked if they had put a sign on my back. They said, "No." Finally, I realized I had toilet paper streaming from my pants. Damn those paper seats I insist on making before I sit down. They expected me to be absolutely mortified. They were disappointed when I gave them an explanation about how as you get older you learn to shrug things off. I really wasn't embarrassed, actually.

At the end of the year, I had my homeroom students write letters to my new fifth grade class giving them advice for the year. The one student who's in both my Math class and my homeroom (a boy) wrote, "Don't laugh or at least tell 'Miss GrandPoo' when she has toilet paper streaming from her pants," and at least three of my homeroom students (who, by the way, weren't even there) wrote the incident as their most memorable moment in their fifth grade memory book.

So glad I could provide them with such a happy memory.